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Here is a pretty neat way to list all your current active plugins in your WordPress install. I always wonder what plugins people use on their WordPress site. It is also a way of showing your appreciation to plugin authors by providing a link to their site – they deserve it!

To show all active plugins in WordPress I use a plugin called Plugin List. You can find more info on it in the list below. In order to actually display active plugins in a post you have to use a second plugin to allow to display php. I currently use Allow PHP in post and pages. It allows you to use
[php] code [/php]
All together use the code:
[php] wp_list_all_active_plugins(); [/php]
and you are all set.

I personally dont consider it a good idea to reveal what plugin version you are using. Assume you are a little lazy and dont update your plugin on a regular basis or lets just say you forget – it is a security problem if you tell people what version you are using. In order to take the version number out you have to edit the Plugin List plugin. Do the following:

  1. Find the plugin directory of Plugin List. The plugin folder is called wp-plugin-lister and is in “your wp install directotry”/wp-content/plugins/wp-plugin-lister
  2. Open plugin_lister.php
  3. Change
    $plugin_list .= "<h4><a href='".$d['PluginURI']."' target='_new'>".$d['Title']."</a> (Version: ".$d['Version'].")</h4>";


    $plugin_list .= "<h4><a href='".$d['PluginURI']."' target='_new'>".$d['Title']."</a> </h4>";

and you are all set!

Please let me know if it works for you. I appreciate comments.

Acitve plugins on

[php]wp_list_all_active_plugins(); [/php]

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