Return first paragraph as excerpt | Excerpt-first-paragraph

Here is a neat little plugin that I use on my websites: excerpt-first-paragraph.

It does what it says, it returns the first paragraph as excerpt in your WordPress theme.


1. Download

2. Upload to plugins and activate

3. Replace the_excerpt in your theme with:

if($pos = strpos($post->post_content, '<!--more-->')) :
else :
echo get_the_content_first_paragraph();

Note: All images get cut out of the excerpt first paragraph.

And you are all set. No more blog entries cut off mid sentence with … :) Enjoy having your first paragraph as an excerpt!

Simple Social Buttons – Adding social buttons to your site – Customized

I found this wonderful plugin for WordPress called Simple Social Buttons. I have tried out Sociable, but I really didnt like how they started to try and force you to add their via @sociable in the tweet button. Simple Social Buttons came in very handy!

I installed Simple Social Buttons and was a little bit shocked when it first showed up. You can see a picture of what it looked like after each post below.

This is how the bottom of the page looked like. Ewww. Two things I didnt like:

Custom plugin position – Changing Plugin load order

Lets first fix the loading position of those two plugins. Fortunately, this is actually fairly simple. All you have to do is set a priority in the action of your filter hook (I told you it was simple…). I went into microkids-related-post.php and changed line 37:

add_filter('the_content', 'MRP_auto_related_posts');


add_filter('the_content', 'MRP_auto_related_posts',100);

You can find more info on

Clear float of Simple Social Buttons

The result of our last change can be found below. More Ewww. The related post title is on the wrong site. Lets fix this first. As the title suggests it has to do with floats not being cleared.

All you have to do is and change line 388 of simple-social-buttons.php from

$ssb_buttonscode .= '</div>'."\n";


$ssb_buttonscode .= '</div><div style="clear:both;"></div>'."\n";

This will take care of the float problem.

Fixing google plus button css

We are getting closer.

The final step is to include some css to fix the inline property of the google plus button. In simple-social-buttons.php on line 148 include

div#___plusone_0 {display: inline !important;}

within the css style tag. Voila:

You can find more info about this topic on StackOverlfow-How can I align the G+ button and facebook like button the same row.

We are done! Or are we? Oh wait, lets check this in different browsers. It wouldnt be called Internet Explorer if it would just work out of the box. And it doesnt!

Internet Explorer IE Facebook like button fix

The Facebook like button just disappears. The picture below is taken in IE after all the fixes above.

To fix this we have to include one line of code. I decided to place it right below the style tag in simple-social-buttons.php on line 155:

<script src=""></script>

Now we are done. You can find a little more info and other solutions on StackOverlfow-Facebook like button showing in Firefox but not showing in IE.

Simple social buttons – maybe not as simple as advertised, but we got it working.

By the way I hope you realize all the work I put into making the social buttons appear at the bottom of the page, you better like this site! :)

No self ping – Keep comments clean

Every time I used to publish a new post, I used get a comment notification that looked more or less like this (I am using Clean Notifications):

A new comment on “Title” is PENDING APPROVAL:
Author: Somebody
URL: My old post
[…] Title […]

I first didnt know what was going on, as it turns out WordPress was pinging my own blog about new links to my old blog entries. This is referred to as self ping. This was kind of annoying since I am using a related post plugin, which is why those links were placed in my post in the first place.

Long story short, let me show you how to get rid of these self pings. There are essentially two ways to get rid of these self pings:

Plugin No Self Pings

Use the plugin No Self Pings to get rid of self pings. You can find the plugin authors blog under

Relative URLs

The other option is to not use absolute paths to your posts. Change your links from:



You can find more information about self ping at the WordPress site Pingbacks.

Index your WordPress tags – Create a clean tag index

Tag clouds are all good and nice, but I personally always liked looking at an index of a book. It gives every book a structured clean look and feel. There is also the advantage of finding things you didnt know you were looking for. The first step of every search is finding the right terminology to find what you are looking for. An index can often be of great help and guide you in the right direction.

A really good plugin to get this job done is: Multi-column Tag Map. It makes it really simple to create a nice and clean looking index. See my Index in action for an example.

To get you started, go download the plugin, activate it and than use the following short code where you want your index:

[ mctagmap columns="3" more="- show all -" hide="yes" num_show="5" toggle="- hide -" show_empty="no" ]

To find more information about Multi-column Tag Map, visit