Simple Aweber Integration to WordPress | Horizontal Aweber Forms at end of posts

I am currently using Aweber for my email list building. One thing that I was really missing was a simple Aweber integration to WordPress. There are several plugins for sidebar widgets, but only for the sidebar.
I wanted a simple Aweber integration to add horizontal Aweber forms at end of WordPress posts. I could just go ahead and include this into my template file, but dealing with several client sites, I wanted something simpler and something I can share easily. I went ahead and created my own plugin: Simple Aweber Integration!

Simple Aweber Integration – Key Features

  • Automatically attach Aweber forms to WordPress pages or posts and choose whether at the beginning or end.
  • Choose a custom styling of your Aweber form: Original vertical Aweber form or a horizontal Aweber form.
  • Blend out certain Aweber form parts like header or footer.
  • Shortcode support for simple Aweber form integration into individual posts or pages.
  • Priority option to easily determine Aweber form display order.

Simple Aweber Integration – Result Showcase

Instead of just having the form available I created with Aweber:

[simpleaweber style=”original”]


I now have a very nice horizontal form that I can insert anywhere. It looks like this:

[simpleaweber style=”nfooter”]

Both these forms were inserted with my plugin Simple Aweber Integration using short codes. Other styles are:

[simpleaweber style=”nheader”]

[simpleaweber style=”nhnf”]

Not only that, but I can automatically add it to all WordPress post or pages choosing whether at the beginning or end. I am using Simple Aweber Integration to automatically add a horizontal Aweber form to the end of all posts on

Simple Aweber Integration – Settings

Here is a screenshot from the Simple Aweber Integration’s settings page:

Simple Aweber Integration – Get it for free

You can get the Simple Aweber Integration WordPress plugin for Free. You can download it over on GitHub, on WordPressΒ or simply sign up for my newsletter and get a ready to install zip version.

[simpleaweber style=”nfooter”]

Simple Aweber Integration – Help

See the documentation and an installation guide on the Simple Aweber Integration Help page.

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  1. says

    Looks and sounds great.

    I can’t believe that it has not been presented sooner as a solution for non-techies like me much earlier.

    Will your solution work with Infusionsoft also?

    And is it a plugin or is it code that needs to be installed?

    Thanks for replying


    • Schurpf says

      Hi Mikkel,

      Simple Aweber Integration is a WordPress plugin that you can download and upload to your WordPress install.
      The only difference to other plugins is that you have to upload it yourself because the plugin is not
      hosted by WordPress. I am considering changing this in the future.

      To install:
      Plugins -> Add New -> Upload
      then pick location where you downloaded it
      configure to your likings

      I have never heard of Infusionsoft. But I dont see any reason why those two would collide.

      If you run into problems, let me know.

  2. says

    Hi, It is not going to work with infusionsoft, because infusionsoft is a shopping cart +autoresponder and is a competitor (to an extent, it is more of a complete marketing platform)

    infusionsoft forms are different from aweber forms -so I do not believe it will be possible to use them with this plugin.

    Anyway, thanks for the great plugin! I think I will start using it today!

  3. Mark says

    Great plugin. Unfortunately, it does something that many plugins have been doing to my site.. and was wondering if you had any insight?

    I use Pagelines framework and this is probably the 10th plugin that breaks my wordpress css in IE8. If I deactivate, the site is back to normal. If I activate, it’s broken. It’s fine in Chrome and Firefox though.

    Any idea why this might happen? Most plugins are okay but several, like this one, just won’t work in IE8.

    Fantastic plugin though.. My problem is no doubt due to IE but just wasn’t sure what the cause could be.


    • Schurpf says

      Hi Mark,

      thanks. Strange that it breaks IE8. Does the same thing happen if you just include the JS of Aweber in your WordPress template?
      Send me your website url via my contact form and I will take a quick look at it.
      Thanks for using my plugin either way and I very much appreciate your comment.

  4. says

    The plugin is Awesome. but it not showing on my MAC. I have checked in other computers there its showing properly.

    Please let me know what is Issue why its not working on my mac.


    • says

      Hi Enrrico,

      sorry for the late reply, your questions slipped my attention. I do not quite understand your problem. The plugin doesn’t have anything to do with operating system. Make sure the plugin is activated and that you leave the default settings. If it does not work. pls contact me over the contact form. Thanks for your feedback!

    • says

      Hi Graham,

      thanks a lot for using my plugin. The form changes its looks based on the web form you chose within Aweber. I chose this form:

      If you want yours to look like mine, you have to change your form in Aweber. Sorry I don’t know what mine is called anymore, but I am sure you find a similar one on Aweber. Thanks for your question! Really appreciate.

      • says

        I see where the problem is. Your theme has a style setting for forms. That makes the plugin look strange.

        add at the bottom of your style sheet in your theme the following:

        /*Simple Aweber Style Fix*/
        #af-form-1992558291 .af-body input.text, #af-form-1992558291 .af-body textarea{
        width: 100%;

        here is what the results will look like:

        Let me know how this works out for you.

        PS: I changed your link to a screengrab to make the problem obvious.

    • says

      Hi Ted,

      pls make sure you have the correct Aweber java script code. Does the code show an optin form with just the java script code without using my plugin?
      Can you pls paste your short code in the reply. Lets work this out πŸ™‚

      • says

        My apologies for taking so long to reply as I was away for a few days.

        On my page:

        The Aweber form shows up vertically without your plugin, but does not show when I add the plugin. Here is the code I am using with your plugin:

        [simpleaweber js=” style=”all”]



      • says

        Ah, yes your form is very big and the plugin really is only made for name and email.

        Also looks like you set the actual width in the form somewhere in Aweber. I played around with your form a bit until it looked like this:

        To get this, add in the following CSS to your theme style sheet at bottom:

        #af-form-1187448891, #af-form-1187448891 .quirksMode {
        width: 500px !important;

        .af-element {
        width: 130px;
        float: left

        #af-form-1187448891 .buttonContainer input.submit{
        margin-top: 15px;

        and change label in Aweber from Primary Phone Number => Phone Number

        But with the size of your form I really suggest you create a custom design for it. There is no general way to make this type of form look pretty.

        Hope this helps πŸ™‚

      • says

        Hi Michael,

        I was planning to simplify our form anyway, so I did – and it worked. The form is now simply Name and Email and is displaying nicely across my page horizontally.

        Thanks for your help!

        GREAT SUPPORT!!!


  5. Jon says

    Hi Michael. Thanks for this amazing plugin. Looks so cool on my site, i never thought it would be so easy!
    Best regards from Spain!

  6. says

    Thanks a lot for this great post. Would definitely try today to install Aweber on my website. I had got a lot of articles on integrating it with mailchimp, but aweber integrations articles are rare to find and mostly dont work. Would keep you posted.

  7. Elvin says

    This plugin looks great! By the way, is it compatible with latest version of WordPress (4.9.3)? And also, can a member have a checkbox in Edit Profile page to subscribe/unsubscribe the mail list?


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