No self ping – Keep comments clean

Every time I used to publish a new post, I used get a comment notification that looked more or less like this (I am using Clean Notifications):

A new comment on “Title” is PENDING APPROVAL:
Author: Somebody
URL: My old post
[…] Title […]

I first didnt know what was going on, as it turns out WordPress was pinging my own blog about new links to my old blog entries. This is referred to as self ping. This was kind of annoying since I am using a related post plugin, which is why those links were placed in my post in the first place.

Long story short, let me show you how to get rid of these self pings. There are essentially two ways to get rid of these self pings:

Plugin No Self Pings

Use the plugin No Self Pings to get rid of self pings. You can find the plugin authors blog under

Relative URLs

The other option is to not use absolute paths to your posts. Change your links from:



You can find more information about self ping at the WordPress site Pingbacks.

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