A python hotkey module. Add hotkey functionality to your python scripts.


Work more efficient and faster on Windows with Winpos – a Window Layout manager. Free for a limited time.

Simple Aweber Integration

A WordPress plugin to simple integrate Aweber forms to your WordPress site. Get it for FREE!


#1 OIO Publisher Setup of first Ad – WordPress Ads Manager

We are jumping in between topics. On the one hand I am doing tutorials about Grunt – which I think is something every web dev should have. If it is not Grunt than at least some alternative similar system (what are you using?). At the same time I just did a setup with OIO publisher […]

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WCPHX2014 – WordCamp Phoenix 2014 – Day 2

My second day at WordCamp was heavily overshadowed by the Saturday night party :). There were also some presentations I couldn’t quite connect with. Nevertheless lots of cool stuff. If you are looking for my first day at WCPHX 2014, you find it here: Day 2 @scottbolinger - Apppresser Talk about @apppresser @pdclark - Cowboy, Meet Ninja slides: […]

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WCPHX2014 – WordCamp Phoenix 2014 – Day 1

This is unreal, all the great stuff I learned over the short time span. Got a lot of new ideas and things to learn from this small weekend. I wanted to put together what I found most interesting in this blog post more as a list and reminder for myself but also for anybody reading […]

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Creating a grunt task

In our las part of this series I showed how to get a simple grunt task to run. In this tutorial we will look at how to create and configure your own tasks. To do so we will look at how we would setup an image optimization task. You can download all files used here: […]

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2014 Goals – Goal Description, Mesurable Goals, Triggers and Accountability

I want to start taking my blog and my personal brand a lot more serious. I truly enjoy writing and teaching ever since I was a TA in university. Also very often by writing about things I learned it gets me to look at things from a different perspective and continues my learning process. There […]

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Simple Aweber Integration officially released in WordPress Plugin Directory

I am very proud to announce that my Simple Aweber Integration plugin is now official released in the WordPress Plugin Directory. I was originally giving the plugin away as an opt in gift to my Aweber email list. I was even getting quite some sign ups, but was not really doing much with my email […]

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Add a WordPress Plugin settings link to your WordPress Plugin listing

Here is a cool little snippet that will add a link to your settings for your plugin directly from the plugin listing. Yeah, sounds way to complicated, let me just show you: and the code in this case for the Simple Aweber Integration: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 […]

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