WCPHX2014 – WordCamp Phoenix 2014 – Day 1

This is unreal, all the great stuff I learned over the short time span. Got a lot of new ideas and things to learn from this small weekend. I wanted to put together what I found most interesting in this blog post more as a list and reminder for myself but also for anybody reading this. It may start you off on a learning quest :)

This is not my attempt at a complete summary of WCPHX2014, I am merely trying to note down the things I found most interesting and acredit the person how got me to think in that direction via their twitter handle.

Day 1

@bradparbs – Writing Extensible Plugins

slides: http://b.parbs.me/TPhc

if (function_exists(function_name))
if (class_exists(class_name))

do_action( $tag, $arg );
apply_filters( $tag, $value );

load order of plugins, use: plugins_loaded

get_template_part( $slug, $name );


wpcli – command line for wordpress
check: http://www.getsource.net/2013/07/wcsf2013-wpcli/ for more

local dev environment – https://github.com/10up/varying-vagrant-vagrants

linter – https://github.com/SublimeLinter/SublimeLinter

@obencain, @michaeldcain
slides: https://cloudup.com/c6A3IprTH6N

Don’t trust anybody – SANATIZE your data

some functions to look at:

wp_localize_script( $handle, $object_name, $l10n );
wp_add_inline_style( $handle, $data );
has_post_format( $format, $post );
wp_list_pluck( $list, $field );

is_email( $email, $deprecated );
human_time_diff( $from, $to );
wp_trim_words( $text, $num_words, $more );	
capital_p_dangit( $text );
esc_url_raw( $url, $protocols );


slides: http://www.slideshare.net/cliffseal/transients-wcphx

set_transient( $transient, $value, $expiration );	
get_transient( $transient );
delete_transient( $transient );
wp_remote_get( $url, $args );	
wp_remote_retrieve_body( $response );


set transient for db queries, external api calls, any data task that takes time

Tip: hook in logical spots to delete transient
Example delete transient on post save

add_action( 'save_post', schurpf_del_transient );
function schurpf_del_transient()
	delete_transient('schurpf_my_transient' );


Mark Jaquith solution: https://github.com/markjaquith/WP-TLC-Transients

[wpsleep start=”26.01.2014 21:55″]Check out my second day at WCPHX 2014 at http://schurpf.com/wcphx2014-day2/.[/wpsleep]

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