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New site redesign and rebranding

I am proud to announce the launch of my rebranded sites. From now on forward I will have all topics connected to poker on michaelschurpf.com. Any topic related to programming and business will be on here on schurpf.com. Anything personal will be on swisstard.com. The same will hold for my twitter accounts. @MichaelSchurpf is for poker only, @Schurpf for anything related to programming and business and @Swisstard for private and informal matters.

I decided to move all my sites from Joomla to WordPress. I want to focus more on engaging with my readers and on search engine optimization. WordPress immediately sprung out like the best choice. Do you have any experience with WordPress or Joomla? Or do you even use a different CMS. Please let me know what you think below.

With the CMS switch came a natural change in design. I really like the current design it is very neat and clean. You get to the info you need without too much trouble. I always had the feeling that swisstard.com was a little cluttered. On a side note, I also discovered that my old Joomla theme had some hidden links to some shady websites. I will blog about how to figure that out and change it in the near future.

I am very happy I am on WordPress. Want to be notified on new blog entries? Sign up blow to my RSS feed. I dont want to offend anybody, but who actually knows what an RSS feed is? I actually only discovered a few weeks ago what it actually is. I feel like I should explain this in more details. Seems like I just found content for my next blog 🙂

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