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I am a poker pro. I play online as swisstard or some variation of it (DrSwisstard, swissturd). I have decided to split my poker content from my programming content which also included poker software. Check out swisstard.comW to for poker content. There you find lots of helpful advice around poker.

Let me introduce my favorite poker software tools to you.


Foldy is my personal favorite. He assists you with clicking fold. Foldy lets you set a hotkey to click fold for you on all major sites. I am lost without this program, it just gives me so much more time to think about each decision instead of wasting it to find a fold button. A must for every serious poker player.


PPCloser is a life saver. He closes the annoying party poker inactivity warning. If you play on party poker, you know what I am talking about. This is one of my personal programs and I offer it to you for free.


PSFRDate assists you with the birth date verification on pokerstars.fr. It stores and enteres your birth date when the birth date verification window pops up. I developed this program and it comes free of charge. De rien.

Do you program your own poker software or have comments or wishes to mine? Let me know in the comments what you think.

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