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A contract with myself - 2023 goals

1 Intro

This contract is between me and me. I am loving and taking care of myself on fulfilling this contract.

This contract gives me a clear direction which I will sometimes fail at. I want to be patient, respectful and self-considerate myself on this journey. I allow myself to change and adjust this contract at any time.

2 Mum and my inner child

I want to be closer to my mum.

I will get in contact with my mum once per week.

I will visit here in Switzerland and stay with here as often as possible. I invite here to stay with us when I am in Mexico. Goal is to learn to feel when my inner child is reacting from his wounds and when the grown up Michael is present.

3 Relaxation

I want to learn to relax. I want to learn to do absolutely nothing and be ok with that.

One day every month I will spend the entire day without planning anything and no phone. Just following my instinct of that moment. I will only do things on that day that are absolutely stress free.

4 Spirituality

I will give my spiritual trainings enough space and emotional energy.

I will take unpaid holidays for all trainings and plan days off before and after my spiritual trainings. I will plan some time to process each training and document my findings.

5 Purpose

I will only persue purpose activities by end of 2023.

I will rearrange my finances to be able to focus only on things where I see purpose and that bring me maximu joy and happiness. I will stop working for money. I will not persue any activities that bring me stress, anxiety, fear or unhappiness no matter the financial reward.

I will change freely between the activities I enjoy and do not want to engagne in any long term commitment.

I do what I want, when I want, for as long as I want to.

6 Intimacy and sexuality

I confront my fear of being rejected and not being enough. I confront my fear of being rejected by a group for my sexual desires.

I will openly speak about my desires, feelings and my fears. I will create a physical space where intimacy, sexuality and spirituality is possible at any time. I will express my wishes and desires without fear and celebrate the bravery of expressing myself.

7 Self love

I will treat myself with love.

I will meditate to train my mind to be present. I will eat nutritious food to fuel my body with the best possible ingredinents. I will work out regularly to keep my body in shape. I will love unconditially.

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