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The path to efficiency and beauty

Python is my favorite programming language. If you ever need to write any custom code, Python is usually my number one choice. Let me tell you why:


Python is very object oriented and has a lot of high level commands. It allows for very easy and fast prototyping. Need to speed up some parts? No problem write an extension in C and bind it into your python code.

Clean Syntax

The Python syntax is given by indentation. There are no curly brackets, no semicolon at the end of the line. A simple indentation defines which part of the code belongs to which block. It is not only efficient but makes code very readable. This makes it very easy to read code from somebody else.

Interpreted Language

I love the fact that Python is an interpreted language. Makes it really simple to write and test code fast. There is no dealing with trying to link files no defining functions – you spend all time coding.

High Level Data Types

Python Data Types are very high level and allow for various manipulations. Very complex data sets are stored within minutes.

Large Community

Whatever you can possibly think of, there is a good chance somebody has already coded a module that will make your live a lot easier. There is no module – no problem, countless forums exist with high quality answers.

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