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Beeper – Repeat a WAV sound

Beeper – Repeat a WAV sound

I use a little programm when I learn new behavior to keep me aleart and focused. I call it beeper. The program is essentially a timer that repeats a WAV in a chosen intervall.

I decided to code a gui and make it a little bit more user friendly. Until now I just used a hard coded version in python. I realized that the python version was a bit too hard to use, so I added a graphical user interface and made an exe version from it.


Repeats a user chosen WAV file in a user defined intervall.


I mainly use Beeper for poker. But you can also you it as a motivater or trainer where you use it to repeat a motivational message or try to learn a new behavior!


GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, feel free to use and share it 🙂


PY: Beeper

EXE: Beeper

Additional info

I made an executable version for Windows user plus you can find my python code and info below. You should have tons of WAV sounds on your computer already. Windows user search for *.wav and you will find a lot of files to use.

Alternatively you can use Free Sound Recorder (or similar, google is your friend) to create your own WAV files. Just make sure you can create WAV files.

Python programmer details

Python version


Python modules required

WxPythonW, configobj (contained in zip file)

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