Python Screen Coordinates and Screen Hittest

Here is a problem I had the other day: I have 2 screens and I had to convert in between the coordinates systems from one screen to another. I also had to know on which screen I am currently on. I wrote a little python screen coordinates module that makes screen coordinates handling and coordinate transfers easier.


  • Display all screens with left top right bottom coordinates
  • Coordinate transfer in between screen coordinate systems
  • Hittest to determine on which screen a point is on. Default point = current mouse position. Needs WxPythonW.
  • Show little message on each screen with number for easier display identification. Needs WxPythonW.

Python version


Python modules required

WxPython to show screen numbers (not required for basic functionality)





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  1. says

    Hello –

    I am interested in how you addressed converting screen coordinates between displays. I attempted to download, but the link does not seem to be working. Would it be possible for you to check the link and/or directly email me the ZIP files

    Thanks in advance
    Bob Bartis

  2. says


    I want to know the coordinates of a browser on Windows.
    And then know the coordinates of an object in the browser.
    How do I do it?



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