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I would like to introduce the new section Q&A, where I answer some of the questions I get via the sidebar form. I will try and answer all of them, sorry if it sometimes takes a bit longer until I respond. If it is really urgent, you always have the option of hiring me via my service page.


This [Simple Aweber Integration] isn\’t working. All I want to do is add an Aweber form to one blog post. How do I do that?


Make sure you have the settings field correctly filled out. Afterwards just place the shortcode with the desired style into your editor. See this example from the page: https://schurpf.com//simple-aweber-integration/


a) I understand how to put a opt in on the side bar of my page by using widget and text. Is there a way to put a sign up form from aweber onto the main part of the page?

b) Also, is there a way to remove a side bar opt in from just one page.


a) I do not know without knowing what theme you use. However the most likely case is that you will have to edit your theme directly and place the opt in form into your theme. To place code in your theme use:

<?php do_shortcode('[[simpleaweber style="original"]]');?>

or any other option for style like:

<?php do_shortcode('[[simpleaweber style="nfooter"/]]');?>
<?php do_shortcode('[[simpleaweber style="nheader"]]');?>
<?php do_shortcode('[[simpleaweber style="nhnf"]]');?>

The php code has to go into your theme file.

Warning: Do not try to use a widget that can do php code. If you mess up you will look yourself out of your site. Getting back in will only go via modifying the widget via the database- which isn’t that easy.

b) Yes you can remove it from just one page, but you need to know the id and use this function: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/is_page

You will also need to insert this straigh into your theme where you have the form.

The code would look something like this:

if (! is_page(PAGE_ID_HERE)){
do_shortcode('[[simpleaweber style="original"]]');


Is there a way to add dynamic ad tracking to the forms? For example php code that grabs the page url – something like that?


First of all, sorry for the late response. Short answer: Not with my plugin. You can definitely do it, all you have to do is just use the raw html for your form, add a custom field and add your hidden field. See this example: https://help.aweber.com/entries/21780188-How-Do-I-Add-a-Hidden-Field-to-My-Sign-Up-Form-

Thanks for all the answers and for using my plugin. I truly appreciate. If you want to give some back, how about you like me on Facebook or give me something to write about:

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