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WordPress Consulting and Development

  • Do you have this great idea of how to make your (WordPress) live easier?
  • Stuck with a plugin? If only it would exactly do what you want.
  • Need to add some extra functionality to your site?

I love to solve problems and I am great at it.

Here is how it works:

Step 1 – Initial meeting – Free

We have our first meeting where we talk about your business and your needs. This meeting is free of charge and if there is a free solution for you problem, you can bet I point you to it.

Step 2 – Quote

I work out a plan of action, feature list and quote for your problem. Once we agree on all 3 – the problem solving begins.

Step 3 – Custom Solution

I work on your custom solution based on the plan of action, feature list.

Step 4 – Present Solution

I present the solution. This step may take several iterations. I want to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with my solution.

Step 5 – Install on your site

We merge the custom solution over to your site and make sure it works.

Step 6 – Check

I check back with you after 1 month to make sure your custom solution is still working as intended.

Take action today and save time and energy with my custom solution.

Contact me now to get a free quote.

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