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Simple Aweber Integration FAQ

Simple Aweber Integration FAQ

It was time to create an FAQ

Q: Can you tell me what is the best Email auto-responder for a WordPress commerce site with a blog? I am tossing up between AWeber and Mail Chimp.

A: If you have a very small blog that wont be growing much, go with Mail Chimp they have a free plan. If you expect growth in the future go with AWeber. If you are turning your website into a business, I suggest Infusionsoft.

Q: I am getting the error message headers already sent, what should I do?

A: I am aware that some people are getting this error message. It has been only a handful but if more people keep having this, I will be debugging this. Pls add an issue via Github with as much detail as you can: https://github.com/schurpf/simple-aweber-integration/issues. Thanks.

Q: I used your plugin for end of my post and it works great. Now im trying to put it also after the first paragraph. but the short code: <?php echo do_shortcode(\’[[simpleaweber js=\”<script type=\”text/javascript\” src=\”http://forms.aweber.com/form/45/230379345.js\”></script>\” style=\”nhnf\”]]\’); ?> is displaying my web form vertically still. any suggestions.

A: Try your shortcode in a post first, if it works in a post, there is most likely a problem with character escaping.

Q: I cant seem to able to drag and drop my simple awebe integration folder in to my FTP client (I use filezilla)? Thanks for your time and help.

A: Setup the Simple Aweber Integration via your WordPress backend. Login as admin to your site, go to Plugins->Add New and find Simple Aweber Integration.

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